VISA’s Sunglasses to replace credit cards

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After such a big transition in economic structure and payment modes how are you planning to take up on your payment: through Credit Cards? Paytm? BHIM App? Or by a pair of SUNGLASSES

Well guy’s trust me or not, this is an era of shades, they are really everywhere. They are on Snapchat, Fb stories to actually everywhere.

But have you ever thought of paying your bills with your cool shades in the most coolest way. Yes, you read that right. The most popular Credit Card company of India “VISA” is now planning something big on this.

VISA’s Sunglasses would pay your bills and give you one more reason to not carry your wallet or credit card while going out.

What to expect?

These Sunglasses would be designed such that it appears to be fairly ordinary but stylish and wearable shades like others, obviously with a huge difference. These shades are proposed to have a small contactless card/chip in it which allows users to pay with just a wave over the machine; pretty much like the NFC-enabled e-wallets.

Well this is just a proposal underway in a Pilot Program of VISA, going to take place at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast surfing competitions currently happening in Australia.

We certainly don’t know much about this upcoming device regarding

The basic security fuctions?

Theft/ any mishap issues?

Its compatibility and customization options ?

most important their cost.

We could say that this technology is going very far, and we all are blessed to be alive in this Jetson’s age.