US Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Ban Order

A Seattle federal judge has put a nation wide block on much criticized week old order of Trump to block immigrants from seven Muslim nations. These seven Muslim-majority nations include Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Sudan.

The refugees from these seven nations were temporarily banned from travelling to United States because of an executive order by President Trump. This caused a wide spread chaos at airport on 27th January.

A statement by state department confirms that 60,000 visas were suspended after Trump’s order, thus leading to a number of orders filed against the president.

Federal Judge Robart, who ordered to block the executive order upheld the case brought by Washington D.C. state and later which was also joined by Minnesota. Washington’s case was based on the argument that the state is suffering because of travel ban. Later Washington based companies also joined the bandwagon and supported the Lawsuit.

For Trump order to be constitutional Robart said it had to be based on facts rather than fiction as no attack is carried by any individual from the seven countries affected by the ban.

In response white house has published a statement, “At the earliest possible time, the Department of Justice intends to file an emergency stay of this outrageous order and defend the executive order of the president, which we believe is lawful and appropriate.”


Washington governor described the ruling as “tremendous victory” and added that there are still more things left as the battle is not over yet, the White House is still arguing the move is intended to make country safe.

Let’s see who will win the battle!!!

Image source:Google Images