US finds some indication of new North Korea Missile Test

Washington: The Pentagon has picked up signs that “North Korea” is prepping for another missile test, a US defense official said today, as the “United States” cited progress in pushing China to impose tough new UN sanctions.

The official told AFP that if the test goes ahead, it would “probably” occur on July 27, which is the 64th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement. The date is a public holiday in the nuclear armed North and celebrated as “VICTORY DAY”.

The official said the test would be of either an intermediate-range missile or North Korea’s ICBM – known as a KN-20 or a HWASONG-14.

That would be the second time Pyongyang has tested a ICBM, after its July 4 rocket launch that caused global alarm.

Experts assessed it could have put Alaska in range, bringing Pyongyang’s long-held dream of a missile that can deliver an atomic warhead to the United States within reach, and presenting President Donald Trump with a stark challenge.

“South Korea’s” news agency quoted a government source as saying Seoul had seen North Korea moving transporter erector launchers carrying ICBM launch tubes in North Pyongyang province.

“They’re setting up for something,” a second US defense official told AFP.

After North Korea’s July 4 test, the US launched a push at the UN for tougher measures against Pyongyang.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley today cited progress in talks with China on imposing what she termed as “pretty serious” new UN sanctions.

“I think we are making progress”, Haley said.

“It’s not as fast as I would like but these are pretty serious sanctions and so I think that there is a lot of thoughts going into this.”

Haley told the UN Security Council after the test that she hoped to present new measures in a few days, such as cutting off oil supplies, banning North Korean guest workers or imposing new air and maritime restrictions on North Korea.