Most Unsafe Countries For Women. Where Does India Stand?

10 Most Unsafe Countries in the World

It doesn’t matter how broad-minded and progressive people are, there is no place which is safe for women. Every day we hear news about physical abuse, harassment, domestic violence, and rapes. These numbers are increasing day by day and it has increased 286% in the past year.

Internation Women Travel Centre(IWTC) has taken a survey according to which there are certain countries which are not dangerous for women travelers, but also make the life of the women harder who are already living there. Even these place fall under “Don’t Even Go There” List. It’s a shame that India has made in the top 10 of this list.

Here is the list of most unsafe countries in the world.

#10 Brazil


Due to the terrible economy of Brazil, tourists continue to deal with crimes including sexual assault, armed robbery, armed assault, burglary, and theft.

#9 Columbia

Columbia stands 9th on the list and has the worst homicide rate. The country has an unholy combination of homicide, femicide, rape, and sexual assaults.


#8 Kenya


Violent and sometimes fatal crimes, including armed carjackings, muggings, home invasions and burglaries, and kidnappings can occur at any time. Tourists are the major targets.

#7 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Terrorism has been increasing dramatically. The problems with how women are treated continue as to guardianship, constant male supervision, the prohibition on women driving cars, morality police checking women’s clothing, etc.

#6 Mexico


Mexico continues to be a problem due to its high levels of crime including sexual assault, kidnapping through traditional, express and virtual means, carjacking and highway robbery.

#5 India


India was at the top on this list some years back. Its ranking dropped from 1st to 5th, not because of its improvement but because other countries have turned so much worse. A women traveler in India can be badly traumatized, humiliated or killed.

#4 Egypt


This is not a country to travel solo. The dangerous combination of robbery, kidnapping, and rape makes it worse. Women in the country are adviced not to talk loudly and be careful about the way they dress.

#3 Venezuela


The dissolving economy of the country has increased the crime rates. The professional women have turned to prostitution to let both ends meet.

#2 The Russian Federation

The Russian Federation

The Russian Federation stands 2nd on the list and 151 out of 163 in Global Peace Index. This country is attacked by its nearby country which has lead to increased number of crime and hostility to women.

#1 Turkey


Turkey is the most dangerous place. Not only for women but also for men. This place has continuous terrorist attacks. There are several cases of women harassment are registered daily.

That’s all folks! If you are planning to visit any other country, Japan, Malaysia and Canada have turned to be the safest countries across the globe.