Tips To Successfully Finish Any Exam On Time

Finish Exam on Time

The time factor of an exam has always been a threat even to top ranking students as it makes the candidates bound to a limited period. The time duration of an exam is the only factor that affects the students who have actually prepared well for the exam wherein completely relaxed for those students who haven’t prepared sufficiently. Hence effective preparation for CBSE exam is one of the main elements to crack the exam with ease.

Tips to successfully finish an exam on time

Here are some tips for the candidates to help them complete their exam on time, which is another important element to crack their exam.

  1. Strategizing Your Approach to Questions

    Student Planning

  • Quickly Review and Assess the Questions: Once the question paper is handed over to you, make sure you spend few minutes to go through the entire paper. Note the time that you would require to solve each question based on the mark allotted to that question. Always make note of the instructions to questions given so that you can answer them accurately based on their requirement.
  • Answer the Questions You Know the Answer to First: Candidates often feel that they can answer those questions that they are not too sure of in the beginning as sufficient time with an active mind is present/available. But this approach to questions is incorrect as too much of time will be wasted on questions that may not fetch you the entire mark, making this approach not worth it as the candidate might be left with no time to answer those questions that are well-known. Always answer the questions that you are completely sure of as it will help you build confidence for the rest of the exam.
  • Plan out answers to long questions: Make sure you allow some time for planning out long essay type questions. It will help you structure out your answer which will make it understandable and easy. Keywords should be used for the examiner to understand the answer. Demonstrating with the help of examples will also be beneficial.
  1. Making the Most of Your Time

    Exam Anxiety

  • Avoid taking breaks and leaving early: Taking unnecessary breaks will only eat up your limited time in the exam. Focus on the exam and avoid letting your mind wander during your exam. Review all the answers attempted if you are finished with your exam, avoid leaving early as many candidates do so because their friends would have completed the exam.
  • Keep a Close Watch on the Time: During your quick review of the question paper set time goals for each section. As the exam progress, check your watch or the nearest clock to make sure you’re on the right track as planned.
  • Avoid Letting Exam Anxiety Get to You: Tension and panic are usual during exams but letting it get to you can eat up your limited time. If you feel overwhelmed, give yourself few minutes to calm your mind by putting your pen down. Focus on your breathing and try thinking positive thoughts. This will help you feel better and once you do, resume your exam.

From this aforementioned information, the candidates will have a better approach on how to complete their exams successfully on time. The candidates can also learn Math tips and tricks how to clear exams with ease. For more understanding on concepts, candidates can subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel.