6 TOP Best Indian State Advertisement Campaigns

Travelling is the one only thing which relieving tress of a person. There are many companies, who have set up in the big cities that guide people how and where to travel. In our country, the government is also trying to promote tourism from many years, which attracts new visitors in different states. Also, most of the states in India encourage people with their attractive advertisement campaigns.

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Here we have some best state tourism advertisement campaigns of India. Have look at that.

1. Gujrat: Khushbu Gujrat Ki

The Gujrat advertisement campaign has gained huge popularity and showed the religious and cultural form of Gujrat. This advertisement featured Bollywood Big star, Amitabh Bachchan. Also, this advertisement won the National Tourism Award for 2011-2012.  The slogan of this advertisement was ‘Breathe in a bit of Gujrat’.

2. Madhya Pradesh: Sau Rang

Madhya Pradesh is known as the heart of India because it is located in the center of the country. The advertisement of the Madhya Pradesh is trying to attract people by showing different colours of the state by featuring key tourist places.

3. Uttarakhand: Devbhoomi

In Uttarakhand, the number of travellers decreased due to the floods. To attract the travellers Uttarakhand tourism once again promote tourism in this beautiful state Wilderness Films India made this amazing advertising campaign.

4. Rajasthan: Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye

Rajasthan tourism always surprises the people by the creative ad campaigns. This advertisement shows there are many things in the state that can surprise anyone.

5. Jammu & Kashmir: Where Time Stands Still

The advertisement campaign shows the complete beauty of the Jammu & Kashmir with amazing mountains and nature.

6. Bihar: Kahin Chhut Na Jaaye

In Bihar ‘Chhath’ is a very important festival. This advertisement captures how it feels like celebrate a festival at home.

Which is your favorite among all these? Let us know in the comment below.