Take a break to get rejuvenated

With a packed routine and cog wheeled life’s at some point the level of boredom is high, which leads to delegacy at work place and declining potential at every segment. Experts says that for once in a time period its better to take a break from regular routine and get rejuvenated. This helps in better performance and avoid any kind of mental illness.

Here are some tips to break a routine and get to see a better you:


Laughing is really the best medicine”. Once in a while it is good to skip your exercise or gym routine and try laughing, it is a good exercise as well.

Researchers has found that, repeatedly laughing till your tummy hurts has the same effect on your body as moderate gym exercise.

A good laugh not only improves your mood but lowers your blood pressure and bad cholesterol and enhances your immune system.


A brisk walk in the morning or evening would enhance your metabolism and the vitamin D present in the atmosphere at that time reduces the risk of mental illness and osteoporosis.

A small walk also make your breathing rate a bit high that increases the flow or oxygen in your body as a result of which the toxins ejects out by natural ways.


By comfort food people always miss understand it as having fats and gluten in high quantity. Guys that cheating with your own body and be alarming in due course of time as well.

Comfort foods are necessarily those that have a good amount of fibers and antioxidants. Fibers lets your intestine be at ease and antioxidants neutralize the toxins in body. For a good amount of fruits, green boiled veggies, soups and juices accompanied with water up to a drinkable limit is termed to be good.


Chocolates are not just girls favourite’s but are must for all. On one side chocolate lets are anti aging agents and also has some most important stress realizing enzymes.

The enzymes of chocolate eases out those stress muscles and gives quick result, over any other anti stress foods.


Listening to some good soulful and subtle music always works wonders. Basically, the concept behind it is that when we work half of our brain part is utilized in accordance with our right or left writing ability. So the other half has some obvious boredom effects.

To settle down that boorish effect, some music always sounds wonderful. While listening to music our body releases some stress relieving hormones and let our brain functions cool to certain level of normalcy.

So for the next time when you are stressed, try out these hacks and let us know your results for the same….