Supreme Court brings up these new statements about the National Anthem being played in cinema halls!

Since November 2016 after the Supreme court made it mandatory for us to stand up when the national anthem is played in the cinema halls we all have to follow the rule but today a Supreme Court judge, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud on Monday openly shared his opinions over the logic behind the November 30, 2016 order of mandating people to stand up when the National Anthem is featured in cinema halls before every show.

Justice Chandrachud said “there is no need for an Indian to wear his patriotism on his sleeve“.He went on that “Next thing will be that people should not wear t-shirts and shorts to movies because it will amount to disrespect to the National Anthem… where do we stop this moral policing?

Justice ChandraChud

He added, “there is no mandate that people should stand up when the National Anthem is sung in a cinema hall. This is obviously because a cinema hall is a place for entertainment… people go to cinema halls for undiluted entertainment. Society needs entertainment“.

In 2016,the court described the playing of the anthem in cinema halls as an opportunity for the public to express their “love for the motherland

Justice Chandrachud put his opinion on this that, “You don’t have to stand up at a cinema hall to be perceived as patriotic.

He shared about what he eye-witnessed when National anthem was being played in the cinema people left the cinema hall “Maybe that was why it was stopped… because of the disrespect,” he described.

Sharing his views Justice said that this is not the supreme court’s responsibility and shared, “Are we [Supreme Court] supposed to enforce all this? As the government, you have the power. You take the call. Why should we take your burden?

He also said, “If the court is supposed to enforce respect for the National Anthem on citizens, it should also enforce the other fundamental duties in Article 51A? You know what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, right?

Indeed Justice Chandrachud has got logic in all the statements he had put forth. And there is truth in the observations of him in the cinema hall. And we can ask ourselves too that singing National Anthem in the cinema hall will affect our feeling of patriotism in any positive or negative way? No, right? But then it’s all Supreme court and Government’s Decision and we can just share our opinions. So let’s just wait and watch what happens next in this regard!