Some Best Feelings In The World

The best feelings are the feelings, which make your whole day joyfully, energetic and good positive vibes. Best feelings are given by your soulmate, family members, friends, animals, unknown persons or we can say that we get best feelings by living or non-living things.

Best feelings give you memories for your whole life, feelings never dies. Feelings are which touches your heart and soul. Best feelings make you more stronger for future happenings. You get best feeling by your pet also.

Some best feelings are:

1. Taking First sip of Tea/Coffee in the morning.

2. Taking walk in the rain with your soulmate.

3. Kissing someone you love most.

4. Hugging someone you really missed.

5.When someone plays with your hairs.

6. Playing with your pets.

7. The first bite of food after waiting too much at restaurant.

8. Fun with your children’s.

9. Eye contact with your crush.

10. Getting compliments because you have new hairstyle.

Do you have your best feelings, share with us in comment below: