Why Shadab Khan tweeted ‘Sorry Bhabi’ to Sania Mirza, Reason is laughable!

Sania & Shadab
Sania & Shadab

We all know that Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is the wife of Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik. Twitter is a great platform for big celebrities to communicate with their fans and share their views with them. Currently, Sania and Shoaib romantic chat on Twitter is in trending and getting love by fans.

Recently, Shoaib Malik won the ‘Man of the Match’ award for showing the best performance in Sri Lanka. Also, Shoaib won the bike as a gift.

Sania Mirza uploaded a photo on Twitter of Shoaib with the bike and in the caption, she asked for a ride. She was happy to see her husband won the bike.

She captioned, “Chalen Phir is pe?? #MOM #Manoftheseries @realshoaibmalik.”

After Sania’s tweet, Shoaib replied immediately and said, “Yes yes! Jaldi se ready ho jao jaan im on the way.” The reply of Shoaib shows that their love is unconditional.

Wait, the romantic chat is not ended here, Sania added a twist that photo of Shadab Khan is sitting on the bike with Shoaib. And she said to Shoaib that Shadab had already occupied her seat.

Moments later Shadab Khan read the Sania’s tweet and apologized. Shadab captioned that, “Ooops. Sorry Bhabi.”

This was the romantic conversation between Sania and Shoaib but after Shadab’s  tweet, the conversation becomes funny.