Selectors Said If MS Dhoni Will Not Perform Well Than We Will Look For Another Options


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’ selection will depend on his performance said chief selector MSK Prasad. Ths chief selector said that the selectors had committed to introducing a ‘rotation policy’ for selecting players for the 2019 World Cup.

Already Yuvraj Singh lost his place from the ODI team and now the pressure on MS Dhoni, to retain his place in ODI team. While talking about Yuvraj Singh, the Chief Selector MSK Prasad said on Monday that Yuvraj had been “rested” and not “dropped”.

Dhoni And Yuvraj
Dhoni And Yuvraj

And when asked about MS Dhoni would be played in 2019 World Cup. He replied, “We will see, we will see. The legend that he is, we don’t want to make it (public)… but yes we have a plan (for him).”

Also, he added that “We don’t say it is an automatic thing… but we will see. We are all stakeholders (in Indian cricket). We all have to look at alternatives.”

Prasad suggested Dhoni read Andre Agassi’s book, who made a sensational comeback in the tennis world. MSK Prasad said, “Whenever a player keeps ageing… I was just reading Andre Agassi’s book,’Open’, his life actually started after he was 30. Till then, he had won two or three (Grand Slams). His actual life started after that. He lived with the media pressure, ‘When are you going to retire?’ But he played till 36 and won so many Grand Slams. So you never know.”

Dhoni's winning shot in world cup 2019
Dhoni’s winning shot in world cup 2019

The New Rotation Policy

Prasad said, “You said that we have dropped him (Yuvraj). Let me be very clear; we have started a policy where we have identified some set of players (around 25) who will be considered for the next 4-5 months, and we will rotate them in this period, after which we will come to a picture that these are players who will go on to play the World Cup. In that, we will see how some of these youngsters do, and then take a call by the end of the year.”

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Also, He talked about fitness parameters. Prasad said, “We have two to three phases in those parameters leading up to the 2019 World Cup and if someone fails to match to those parameters, then he will not be considered irrespective of whoever it is.”

He said, “The doors are never closed on anybody. Everybody has a right to play cricket. It’s their passion, and they are chasing it.”

We took Rahul to bat at number 4 in Sri Lanka ODIs

KL Rahul
KL Rahul

Prasad said, “We are going to try out Rahul at number 4. He’s too good to sit out. Because Dhawan and Rohit are in good form, we will start with ‘KL’ in that particular order.”