Rajnikanth’s New Film 2.0 has Already Made over Rs 100 Crore, Before Release

Rajnikanth Vs Akshay Kumar 2

Rajnikanth’s new film 2.0 is supposed to be most expensive film of India. Months before the release of film, the satellite rights to the film have been sold for Rs 110 crore. The satellite rights to the film have been sold to Zee Network. The film 2.0 is directed by S Shankar. Actor Akshay Kumar plays against role as the villainous Dr Richard. The film 2.0 scheduled to be release on 18th October.

The satellite rights to the film, which is release in 3 languages (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi) have been sold to Zee Network.

Cast 2.0 film

Raju Mahalingam, creative head of Lyca Productions said that “It’s an unprecedented deal. The price of combined Indian satellite rights for the film for all the languages (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu) is Rs 110 crore. We are very happy to associate with Zee Network for the project.”

The 2.0 is a sequel to the blockbuster 2010 ‘Enthiran’, which was released in Hindi as Robot and Stars Rajnikanth. In Robot Rajnikanth is the double role of Chitti (Robot) and Dr Vaseegaran.

The 2.0 is directed by S Shankar, in 2.0 Rajnikanth is not only star in the cast, the actor Akshay Kumar plays the role of villain named Dr Richard. Dr Richard is a scientist transformed by experiment. A scientist have feathered eyebrows and talons. Also with 2.0, two Oscar winners included in film – A R Rahman is providing the musical score and Resul Pookutty is in charge of sound design.

It is also rumor that Akshay Kumar’s fee for 2.0 is higher than Rajnikanth.