Positive Thinking – The key of Success

If we have to go from Ujjain to Pune , we have to choose on the mode by which we have to travel – should we go by road, or by train , or by air and then we must come to one decision so we can make such arrangements. Whatever mode we have choose we must assume that we will reach to our destination safely. We are not assailed by douts like – Will car break down on the way ? Will the train be dissuaded ? Will our plane crash ?

Similarly when we make the plans for career or for launching any new project , at that time we should make a rough feasibility report and make sure that we have the right equipments. But if we begin with listing possible perils in starting,  then we will definitely stand in danger of getting encumbered at the starting point itself without any hope of progress. We should always think for good in future. We should and we must adopt  “All Is Well” type thinking. Yes everything will be OK when we feel OK about it. It is called “Positive Thinking”.


Cowardice  and dismay are great barriers to progress. Why should we set up road blocks in our own way by imagining all sorts of danger ? Bridges could be crossed only when we come to them . It is only the foolish who want to cross imaginary bridges long before reaching them.

As James Allen says : “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be.” It means that you must do that only whatever you want to do from your heart. Your vision or your dream of achieving something must be the full proof assurance to getting that thing, you must be confident and it can only be done by always thinking positively.

Most people imagine that it is essential to be a book worm to be successful. There was a Jewish couple in England, they had a son. They were insistent that he should be a genius. But his record at school always dismayed his parents, so they spent lots of money on tutors. After comleting the school with greatest of difficulty, the boy was sent to Oxford, where he did not fare any better. To avoid any discrimination, the family changed its name from a typically Jewish one to Khan(Islamic).

One day Mr and Mrs Khan went to London to see a football match between England and scottland. Their son was playing for England and the stadium was sea of heads. Suddenly many people were start shouting in excitement “ Khan got the ball, Khan got the ball, Khan is a genius!” So at that point Mr and Mrs Khan were absolutely stunned. All these years they had spending a large amount of money for their son in hope that he would be transformed into a genius . Excitement in the crowd being contagious, they too stood up with others and yelled , “ Khan got the ball, Khan got the ball, Khan is a genius!” . So their problem son was indeed a genius – but far removed from the kind of genius they had visualized. Perheps It could be possible only because of positive thinking of Mr and Mrs Khan’s son.

God helps those who help themselves” are not empty words. Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said , ‘The truest wisdom, in general, is a resolute determination’. Uncertainity and lack of faith in our competence are deadly weaknesses. So every step should be planned carefully and taken with confidence.