Pakistani Media loves Virat Kohli, Here is the Proof!


Virat Kohli is the most popular cricketer in the world. Everyone in the world loves the Virat Kohli not by his performance only, also loves by his looks, style, and dressings. Virat is the most good looking cricket player.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Over a short period of time, Virat has earned too much popularity by his performances. He breaks many records in a small career. And from prediction, if his performance will remain same, he will break al the records of Sachin Tendulkar.

Virat not only has the ability to impress us by his performance, Virat keeps impressing us in other ways. He is mastered in all formats of the cricket game.


Virat has always come in the matter of discussion outside from India. Recently, Pakistani Media talked about Virat Kohli and they are in love with Virat and they are slamming their cricket players. The Pakistan based news channel talked about Virat Kohli and they compared their players with him.

The News reporter said that Virat has killing batting skills. She stopped the guest and said that “Are you even aware of Virat Kohli’s Standard?”

The guest was surprised and then he started agreeing to the facts that Pakistani cricketers must show their skills. And guest said that Pakistani board must give chance to youngsters in the team.

Here is the full video of the debate: