Neuralink company to merge computers with human brain

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and Space X, has launched a new company called “Neuralink Corp.“. The company is attempting for a linking device, in  which computers can be merged with human brains, as per a report of the Wall Street Journal.

Neuralink is looking at what Musk calls the “neural lace technology“. It is basically implanting tiny brain electrodes that may upload and download thoughts.

Musk hasn’t made any kind of official announcement about it, but Neuralink was registered in California as a medical research company last July.

The funding of this company are planned by Musk as of now.

The product details of the company and its launch is unclear by now, but rumours say that it might be similar to their previous products.

The report by the journal adds that the company has hired some of the leading academics in the field as well for the undisclosed products.

According to the previous records, Elon Musk has also spoken that how our entire world could be one giant virtual simulation.

Musk has also discussed about this at last year’s Re/Code conference, where he had said, “There’s a one in billions chance we’re in base reality.”

Musk was speaking in reference to how VR games are becoming indistinguishable from reality, and that there’s a good chance the human race was part of giant simulation being run by some advanced civilisation.

He’s also trying to convince humans that staying on Earth forever isn’t the best idea, and the human race needs to look at the idea of inter-planetary travel seriously if they want to survive. Musk had earlier unveiled plans to colonise Mars as well.

Musk has earlier said that he sees a merging of the digital and biological intelligence. In fact, he’s also setup OpenAI, a startup to make sure Artificial Intelligence doesn’t go turn all evil on humans. Open AI’s aim is to seek “a good outcome for all over its own self-interest,” and Microsoft, Google, Facebook have also invested in this non-profit.