Why Men’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Right While Women Have Them On Left?

Men and Women Shirt Difference

Have you ever wondered Why Women’s Shirt buttons & Men’s Shirt buttons are on different sides? Today in this article we will look ahead for the actual reasons behind this. As this things have a long history, we can’t guarantee you with 100% accuracy why men’s and women’s clothes button up the opposite way. But there are various theories/debates all across the world button front, which give us the actual answer.

What’s even more interesting about this, are the reason behind their different placement on shirts for Men and Women. It started from Babies to Horses to Napoleon, each theory is more interesting than its previous one.

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6 Reason Why Men’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Right While Women Have Them On Left?

1. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Scheme of Stopping Women from Mocking Him

Napoleon hand tucked in his pocket

If you will see the portraits of Napoleon, you will find his right hand always remain tucked into the coat which could only be achieved if the buttoning was from left to right. It is said that women’s at that time used to stick their hand in just like Napoleon did, Mimicking & Mocking him. So he ordered all women’s clothing to place buttons on the opposite side so that they could no longer mimic & mock him.

2. Men Held Swords in Right Hand while Women held Babies in their Left

Men Holding Sword

During Warfare, it was easy for Men’s to unbutton shirt with their left hand as their right hands are used to be preoccupied by swords. Similarly for women, they held babies in their left hand to keep their right hand free for unbuttoning their top to allow babies to breast feed.

Women holding baby in hand

3. Women were Dressed by Servants & Men Dressed Themselves

Women Dressed by Servants
Source: Vorply

Long time back in history, when clothing conventions were standardized, many women do not dress themselves when it came to dressing, Particularly Wealthy women’s. Servants were required at that time to help rich ladies get into and out of their elaborately buttoned dresses and servants were most commonly right-handed.

4. Women rode Sidesaddle on Horses While Men sat Astride.

Men sat astride and use their right hand to hold sword, So they would draw swords from their left hip and the left side had to overlap the right to prevent the hilt of the sword from getting stuck in the coat or shirt.

Women Sat Sidesaddle on Horses
Source: CalgaryHerald

On the other hand, Women sat sidesaddle on horses like they do on cycles and bikes these days. Buttoning on the left did not allow wind to enter into their shirts.

5. Women Wanted to Prove they are Equal to Men and Different as well.

Men and Women Shirt Difference
Source: Pinterest

There is one more theory, which says that Women are equal to Men, so many features of men’s clothing were borrowed by them. But they also wanted to put few changes in it to indicate that they are different too. Hence, buttons are on Opposite sides.

6. Clothing Manufacturers & Industries wanted to Keep this Difference

Manufacturer wanted to keep the difference
Source: News.com

When shirts of Men’s & Women’s got into Mass production, few minors changes were made intentionally to so that shirts for both the sex can be identified differently and easily.

We hope this solved your curiosity of your mind, regarding why Men’s shirt buttons are on the Right while Women have them on Left?