This Man Just Received Rs 1,86,553 Bill for Using Airtel Services

Airtel User
Airtel User

Airtel user Nitin Sethi has stated that he has received a big Rs 1, 86, 553 bill from Airtel. Nitin Sethi is New Delhi based Airtel user. The company said Nitin to pay the sum without delay. Nitin shared with India Today Tech, the bill has been generated for the period 8 June to 7 July 2017. During this period, the company suggested that Nitin used services worth Rs 1, 52,727.

Nitin said that he has no idea how this happened because bill clearly shows that he has a credit limit of Rs 14000. If the limit was crossed company should at least call him for you crossed the limit of Rs 14000 of your postpaid plan.

Airtel Bill
Airtel Bill

The things get weird when he was traveling to Dubai with his family for the vacation in June. Nitin also activated an International roaming pack for 10 days for his planned trip. Nitin said that this was the 1st time that he got himself an International roaming boost from Airtel Company. Earlier he had been using the International SIM from Matrix.

Nitin says he was quick to follow it up with the company but he has said that it was a technical error and soon it would be gone. The good news is that no bill was generated. And again last week Nitin says, the bill got generated and asked to pay Rs 1,86,553. Again he called up an Airtel representative, He was still told that it was a technical error, but after some time everything would be settled.

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Nitin wrote on social media:


This is Nitin Sethi. I have taken fixed international roaming pack for Dubai from 2nd – 11th June (Rs 2999/- with 10 days validity). I have given a call back on 11th to stop roaming. Now, suddenly my bill for last month in some 1, 86, 553/-. I have raised this complaint twice last month but still no resolution. Please look into this and fix the issue asap.”