London: 4 Year Old Boy Uses Siri to Save his Mother’s Life

Apple Siri

Four year old Roman boy, who lives in Croydon, London saved his mother life via help of Siri. The boy saw his mother in a dead like situation.

The boy unlocked his mother’s iPhone by touching her finger on home button and then boy used Siri to call emergency office. Emergency medical technicians and police went hastily to the location of the home, and they were able to support the life saving first aid to his mother.

The police indicated that the incident highlighted the need to teach kids how to use technology to contact the emergency office. Also how to call police when a situation arises where immediate help is needed.

The boy used the Siri, the voice assistant in the Apple iPhone to dial 999. ‘999’ is the official emergency number across the United Kingdom.



This is not 1st time that Siri, the voice assistant has been used to save a life. In 2016, in Australia, 1 year old boy stopped breathing. Her mother was getting afraid but her mother was able to use Siri to contact emergency services, while she continued to revitalize her child.

Thank you to Apple Company, by this Siri feature people saved their relatives life. Siri always give the solution of what the user want. Beside from introducing virtual applications Apple launched Siri, the voice assistant app to safeguard relatives interest and help them in extreme conditions.