A letter to all the unemployed and frustrated engineers: Engineers day special


Er. (your name)


Date: 15- september- 2017 (Engineers Day)

Dear Mr/Miss Engineer,

Hope you’re doing well is a lame thing to say because I know you’re not doing well. Today on the behalf of thousands of unemployed engineers I’m writing this to remind you that you’re not alone.

There are a lot like you who haven’t studied during the 4 years of engineering except the night before examination and those who have studied some of them (actually a lot of them) I’ve sympathy for both because both of you’re jobless. I know you all are skilled in copying the skills from internet and pasting it on your resume but that isn’t working as well. I know you search for jobs, apply too but it rarely happens that you get a call for an interview and if that happens your extremely little knowledge of your field and for some not having good communication skills play a vital role in not getting you a job.

Oh! I forgot to ask about your preparation for government jobs, so how is it going? Technical and non-technical both right? Yes, I know you’ve spent thousands of rupee in filling up the forms but no please don’t lose hope one day you’ll succeed! (voices in my head: HAHAHA) I know you’re studying really well, I also know some of you were just 2 marks (or 1 mark or 3 marks) away. You gave your 100% but your luck screwed you, right? or some of you might have cleared prelims or mains but interview you couldn’t get through it, yeah happens don’t think you’re unlucky here’s something I want to share: “the harder you work the luckier you get.” (Don’t believe this, This is pure bullshit!) but your day will come, have faith (because it’s the only thing you can do.).

I know your friend is working in an MNC. Yes, he had some contact thee or was in good terms with their HR. But you don’t have any contact or any kind of reference. But All I want to tell you that despite all this you’re an engineer and engineers still have solutions for all the problems. (remember your father’s shop or if you’re a girl that rich guy, your parents want you to marry with?) Come on, don’t even think about these! You wanna be independent, right? Why don’t you go for a master degree or even better why don’t you become an entrepreneur, sounds cool, right? Go create opportunities for yourself and other (If you’re considering this then don’t forget to prepare an exit plan..)

At last, I want to wish you all Happy engineers day Above was too much negative shit (duh of course, That was reality) but don’t give it too much attention. I know you’re awesome and you’re not alone. I’m sure you’ll find a way or make one.


An unemployed civil engineer