Did You Know How Much Vivo Paid for the IPL Title Rights?

The title rights of Indian Premier League have been sold for Rs 2199 crore for the period of 5 years. The Chinese mobile company Vivo Electronics Corporation has signed a highest deal for the Tile Sponsor of the Indian Premier League. The Vivo’s title for a year is Rs 440 crore. The deal starts from 2018 and will end till 2022.

This deal is the highest sponsorship deal. Previously highest sponsorship deal had paid Rs 330 crore per year for English Premier League between 2013 to 2016.

Chinese company Vivo is paying higher than PepsiCo. Company PepsiCo agreed to pay close to Rs 400 crore over 5 years. But due to some reasons, PepsiCo closed the deal in 2015. For 2016 and 2017 Vivo bought title rights for just Rs 180 Crore.

The deal of Vivo IPL for 5 years is of Rs 2199 crore. The deal has become the highest deal and also in turns of IPL has become World’s Richest Sports League.