How to keep yourself up when everything else is falling apart?

When Life surrounds you with tough times and put you in situations you neither want to be through nor you can let go of. When you can’t find a bright spot, You just don’t know what to do your mind is about to explode with thoughts resulted from over thinking and you don’t know how to hold on to faith. If this is something that’s happening to you right now,
Here’s a sigh of relief for you which may help you pass the tough times.

1. Worrying or over thinking won’t lead you anywhere, so STOP!

Yell at your mind to Stop it, Just stop it!
And distract yourself, go do something which makes you forget all the crap your mind is attracting towards you.
If you can’t find something like that, Don’t worry here’s something I suggest- What’s better than a good movie
(Don’t watch a love story If your Love Life is fucked up!).

2. As said, When Worst comes to Worst, My Squad comes first!

So hey, You got friends and they are there for you. Get up, Get ready and Go out with your squad and just don’t waste all the time
discussing what’s happening to you. Just tell them what’s the problem ask if they can help or if they have any solution and even they don’t
come up with any solution still a good thing happened that is you have shared everything with them whatever you were bearing alone.
You’re not bottled-up anymore. Take a deep breath and feel Better.

3. Get A Makeover!

Yeah, Why not? Because I’m sure that you won’t want to ruin your charm with a depressed face after a makeover.

4. Go Shopping!

I never heard shopping makes one sad. So go for it buy stuff for you. Anything you need or even If you don’t, Ever heard anyone saying, ‘I have too many clothes’? Add some more accessories to your collection or buy a pair of nice shoes, Gift yourself.


5. No matter what, Food is always there for you!

Food will never hurt you, Food will never Ditch you, Food won’t put you in tough times, Food won’t Ignore you. So, Why not go for food?
Pizza, Fries, Burger, Nachos, Nutella, Chocolate, Ice- cream They are the synonym of happiness! Treat yourself!

6. And If the above things don’t help, Try My way!

If you’re a self-obsessed and self-conscious person then this is definitely gonna help you. Go in front of a mirror Look at yourself and ask
Is This stressed face looking good? Are these depressing thoughts are any good for me? How can I do this to myself? I’m not blessed with this
Pretty af face to look sad! No Nooooooooooooooooo!

7. And last but not the least know That This isn’t going to last!

Nothing lasts forever! Neither good times Nor the bad ones. Somehow everything leaves someday even your own body will leave you.
And you have to keep this ultimate truth of life with you and move on as the life moves.

And I know this isn’t easy but you’re not alone tough times come in everyone’s life and everyone has to face them and everyone’s struggle is different but everything will be fine.