Karan Johar missing his babies in “New York”

At presently when “Karan Johar” is in New York his heart and mind is totally in Mumbai. He is missing “his babies” very badly. He had recently become the father of twin babies through surrogacy. He named them as “Yash and Roohi”.


Karan Johar for the very first time posted the picture of his babies on instagram. But he did not revealed their faces. He wrote that: “I miss my babies!!!!! # roohiandyash”.

He shared an adorable picture of the two holding hands.

little babies holding hands

He called Yash and Roohi as biggest blockbuster of “The Dharma Production”. He said that “his life has changed since the babies has came to his life”. My universe was my dad, mom and films but now they have become my universe too.


At the India Today Conclave2017, Karan declared that he is the mother of his children, Yash and Roohi.

On march5, he announced to the world that he is going to be the father of twin babies Yash and Roohi. The children were born through surrogacy and both of them were named after Karan’s own parents.

When in India Today Conclave2017 Karan was asked about who would his choice as the mother of his children, Karan replied that, “I am the mother of my children”. A while later, he said, “I am more the mother than I am a father”. His perspective towards parentage was, he will be like his parents, as they supported to Karan for his choice, Karan will also act the same.

“My need to have children comes from my sense of nurturing. I wanted to channelize the love within me”, Karan added.

He also stated that “he didn’t even realize that the tears were rolling down my face because I just could believe that there were two pieces of me staring at me, vulnerable, innocent, and all piped and tubed up,” Karan Johar said.