Judwaa 2: Varun Dhawan Fails To Match Up With Salman’s style

Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan

Well, it’s here, the trailer of the Judwaa 2: A sequel (actually a remake) of the Bhai starrer 1997 Judwaa. And from what we saw in the trailer, it’s whole lot of meh. First, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out here:

If you remember the original Judwaa, you know what we’re talking about. It is not that Salman gave an Oscar worthy performance in the original, but it looked like Bhai enjoyed playing the double role. Also, Salman’s portrayal of the goofy, weak and innocent Prem was more convincing (at least from what we saw from the trailers) than Varun’s. He looks like Raja though, which is not much of a compliment.

Varun, Jacqueline, Salman, Karishma

So, the plot is exactly the same as the original. The director managed to match it like ‘frame by frame’. There are twins who have some weird medical condition (Yes, they tried to justify it using science) that makes one of them have the same move like the other. Thank god the condition manifests only in ‘some’ moments otherwise one of the boys teenage years would be full of embarrassing memories and shame. CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Varun Dhawan is playing both the characters, and it’s not a pretty sight. His acting goes breaking the roof in the trailer itself, wonder how it’s gonna be in the movie.

Judwaa 2

Jacqueline is playing herself. To be honest, Varun is also playing himself. The main disappointment came from Taapsee Pannu. I thought of her as an actress who takes her movie choices seriously but well….

The villainous role that was played by Mukesh Rishi in Judwaa will be played by Vivan Bhatena.

As for the music, if they’re ‘remaking’ the whole movie, what makes you think there’s going to be anything new in the music department? They have the same songs from the original, as the trend is these days. The villain is meh; the original had better, the jokes are old and childish. What makes me optimistic is that the audience is getting smarter these days and movies like these are tanking at the box office. I think Judwaa 2 will suffer the same fate because frankly, people are bored with exotic foreign locations, unoriginal music, women in bikinis (just for the eye candy) and a mediocre plot.

The movie is directed by David Dhawan and is set to release on 29th September. What did you think of the trailer? Tell us in the comments!