India’s only active volcano is live again

India’s only live volcano has shown activeness in form of smoke and lava once again.

Barren Island’s Volcano has erupted again, it has shown signs of smoke and molten lava. Last in 1991 this kind of activity was visible in this volcano, after being dormant for nearly 150 years. This study of the activity is produced by the scientists of Goa based National Institute of Oceanography (NIO).

“The volcano is erupting in small episodes of 5-10 minutes,” Abhay Mudholkar, who is heading an NIO team which is collecting samples in the Andaman basin, said on Friday.

“During the day, only ash clouds were observed. But after the sun went down, red lava foundations were spewing from the crater into the atmosphere and hot lava streamed down the slopes,” he added.

The site was later reviewed by B Nagender Nath and his team, they too witnessed countinous spurts of blasts and smoke.

Researchers from Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and NIO have sampled sediments and water in the vicinity and recovered coal-like black pyroclastic material representing proximal volcanic ejecta.

These samples will help in deciphering the nature of present and past volcanic activity in the region, this information was given by Head NIO.

As the name of the island says Barren so it is the same. It is an unhabituated island without any vegetation. Thus there are no repots of evacuation until now.

The Andaman Basin is an active back-arc spreading basin and is known for its strong seismicity and many submarine volcanoes and hydrothermal activity.

Scientists from CSIR-NIO have been surveying the Andaman Basin and they have identified many small submerged volcanoes in a linear chain called a Volcanic Arc.

These volcanoes are formed due to the rising magma formed deep under the mantle due to the melting of the subducted Indian Ocean crust, said the researchers.