Impact of Online Courses on Corporate Professionals

Impact of Online Courses on Corporate Professionals

Traditional classroom systems, where a teacher stands before a roomful of students and reels out course information, are no longer the ONLY educational option available to millions in India. With more than 370 million Internet users in the country, online education has become immensely popular. In fact, the eLearning market in India is estimated to be worth $3 billion! ~ Source

How it impacts a professional’s life?

The digital learning system is especially suited to professionals – the flexible, online format can be aligned to existing work schedules. Of course, the benefits don’t just stop there; followings are some of the main advantages of online learning courses for working professionals:

  • Better quality of education – Audio-visual aids, interactive, educational simulations help students understand concepts and theories faster and maximize knowledge retention.
  • Positive Learning experience – new technologies create a constructivist learning environment with digital storytelling and give educators new tools to enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Flexibility–’Live and interactive’ nature of digital learning offers the students access to course material anytime and anywhere.
  • Access to reputed instructors & institutes – The online platform offers the students access to reputed academicians from world class institutes.
  • Real world corporate knowledge – Corporate leaders and business experts share their valuable insights on relevant, practical and must know aspects of the corporate world, enabling the students to gain first-hand real world knowledge.
  • Skills for future growth – Online education give students an opportunity to plan their future course of action and keep themselves updated to meet changing job requirements.

Online education

India’s professional workforce had a worrying start in 2017 as many well-known IT companies issued pink slips to their employees. Many Indian professionals, especially the new job seekers entering the market, are facing a tightening job market – several trusted IT majors aren’t hiring at the rates they used to and startups aren’t attracting the investments they did a few years ago.

With jobs becoming harder to find workers are trying to arm themselves with additional skills to make themselves valuable to their employers. In times like these, more and more Indians professionals have started shifting to online courses to get a competitive edge.

Recently, Talentedge, with the help of an external partner, undertook a study to understand the efficiency, effectiveness and marketing potential of its education programs. This study was conducted pan India for all students who have completed their courses, across all programs.

The study revealed that more than 75% students rated their course as being highly satisfactory. Students found most courses to be well balanced in terms of understanding the subject and performance enhancement. More than 50% of students got a measurable career boost from the course and most received appreciation from their bosses.

Most popular courses were found to be Digital Marketing, Analytics & Data Science, and Human Resources.


All about Talentedge

With an aim to revolutionize the student learning experience, Talentedge was founded in 2012.The Company, with its pioneering digital platform SLIQ, is redefining the learner’s experience through its cutting edge technology and premier academic partnerships.

It is the first to bring ‘Live & Interactive’ anywhere learning in digital format in India and with its partnerships with top Indian and international institutes such as IIM, XLRI, MICA, Jack Welch Management Institute, etc. Talentedge offers the best of education without the cost and time constraints of a traditional learning setup.


With imminent layoffs and job scarcity, working professionals have turned towards online education to up-skill and re-skill at all stages of their careers in order to stay ahead of the competition. This recent upheaval has made online education even more attractive for higher and executive studies, cementing its future growth in Indian market. The online education market in India alone is expected to become a $40 billion industry by the end of 2030.