Half of the Audience leaved concert of A R Rahman: Here are the full story

The biggest concert held in “ Wembley Stadium London” was filled with the audience when they hear that it’s the concert of the Oscar-Winner, Marvelous music director and the heartbeat of many films the “A.R.Rahman”.

As bigger the name is that big was the stadium and its crowd. It is like a dream come true to watch A.R.Rahman’s performance who has a little bit of interest towards the music. But the story in the London wants something different. The audience was very disappointed especially the Hindi speaking audience.

The title stated of the concert was “Netru, Indru, Naalai”(Tamil form of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow). It was played loudest to the full house of Wembley Stadium in the concert. The concert was mostly of the Tamil tracks and some of the Hindi songs and some of English songs.

A R Rahman
A R Rahman

As the few songs were played, half of the audience left the stadium and it was just half filled now. The audience that was interested to hear English and Hindi songs were very disappointed as the Tamil tracks were played. So, the audience wants their money back that they gave for the concert.

It was clearly an indication by the title only that there would be a bunch of Tamil songs only. The bottom line of the concert could be to expand the Tamil language all over the world.

If we go back to the history of the musical career of the A.R.Rahman, then his most of its contribution was towards Tamil film only. He composed songs for many of the languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Mandarin, Persian and Kannada.

In the world of the music, he is at its great position. Also due to some spectacular and excellent performance in the Hindi film, he gained an instant fame, recognition in most of the part of India.

Apart from India also, he has his name in the other countries of the world for composing the songs in their language.

After all this, the organizers of the concert posted a note of thanks who had attended the concert. They also put a note that there were some complaints about the track that played in which one a medley of Hindi and Tamil and few songs of Hindi and few songs of Tamil were there. And to boost up this story the social media handled it as “haters gotta hate”.

When all this thing was done, A.R.Rahman posted from UK that: “Hi, London, Thanks for the tremendous support and response, However, we have been getting few complaints on language bias.”

A R Rahaman Concert

Resources said that musicians decided that they would like to play an unfamiliar language. A language in which he grew up with by the way. Some of the fans stood up by their hero and pointed that music can’t be segregated or confined to one language.

However, this resolves what is staggeringly clear that we as a people remain spectacularly insular no matter what the color of our PIO Card.