Easy skincare tips for summers

Summer is definitely our all time favourite season. The easy-vibes and fresh fell makes it all. But summer do has a harsh reality of damaging our skin. The damage onto our skin can be rarely met out with our parlour routine.

All day long working, sweat and unpleasant temperature causes various skin problems, major being tanning, sweat patches, uneven skin tones and acnes.

To avoid all these here is a list of some really easy and effective skincare tips to follow this summer’s:

1. Scrub naturally


A scrub should be such that it cleanses out your pores and removes all dullness. To scrub all by natural means besan with dahi or rice flour with rose water is meant to be best for dry and oily skin both.

2. Choose your sun-screen wisely

While buying sun-screen lotion/gel just don’t take it because its good with SPF amount. One should note that the sun-screen should suit your skin type and must have a higher SPF amount too. A wrong sun-screen can make your skin dull, cause acne and make skin oily.

For oily skin type a gel sun-screen with SPF-20 or more is always recommended whereas for dry skin type a lotion based sun-screen with SPF-15 or more is suitable. For all those having combination type of skin gel sun screen is advised.

3. Exfoliate daily

Exfoliate daily with natural products. No cosmetics, never.

A daily exfoliation routine of oats-banana, bread-crumbs, rice flour, soaked and crushed red lentil with milk will give an absolute smooth, shiny and soft skin all day long.

Remember to always apply toner after exfoliating.

4. Best friend for summer- Aleovera

After the daily routine of cleansing-scrubbing-exfoliating in summers our skin demands one more step well that’s Toning.

When it comes to toning Aleovera is the best natural product. Aleovera helps to avoid tanning and clogging of pores that causes acne. Moreover it also soothes sun burns.

5. Avoid applying perfumes on skin

Putting perfume on your skin can permanently stain your skin due to the psoralen chemical in your perfume. Those perfume stains are not at all easily removable.

For the sake of nice fragrance put perfume on your cloths and to apply it on your skin use some petroleum jelly base on the area’s of your perfume application and make sure that it does not touch your skin.

6. Steaming

Steaming with essential oils is the only way to clean out clogged pores and avoid dirt being trapped in your skin’s open pores.

Indirect heating opens closed pores and detoxes your derma layers. Make sure after steaming, normalize your skin temperature by cold water and apply toner on it.

7. Cold showers

For all those who always have hot showers it is essential to take cold water showers to close all the open pores and avoid acnes due to it.

8. Remove tan

Tanning and it’s removal is the most bad part of summers. To remove tan use Tomato, Papaya and cucumber paste mixed with wheat flour or besan and see some drastic changes in small time.

9. Use mild body wash


The body wash used in summers must be mild on your skin. By mild it means that after having bath it should not make your skin seemed cracked. Use any glycerine based soap or liquid wash with required essential oils preferably lavender(soothes skin), Mint(provides coolness), tea-tree(avoids acne) or neem(avoids any bacterial growth).

10. Moisturize

After each wash do moisturize with any non-oily day or night cream to avoid cracked and patched skin. This is seemingly the most essential step of one’s skin care routine so do take it seriously.