Teachers’ Day special: Here’s to the best teachers in Life!

Happy Teachers Day to everyone who has taught someone something!

And today we dedicate this post to the best teachers ever who have not taught us in a classroom how to study but in the real world how to live.


A mother grooms her child from the day or the minute when the child steps into the world. She prepares us for everything possible before we face the real world and other people. With all her love and care We learn both the very basic things and the most important lessons in life from her. She plays the most crucial role in building our character.


Time has been the best teacher for all times and not only for a few but for every single individual. Good times has taught us to cheer embrace the happiness and all the good in life while Tough times has taught us to be patient and have faith. Tough times also made us learn to differentiate between good and bad, between who are our real friends and family and who aren’t.


Indeed we learn a lot from the people in our life specially the people we hand out with, our company, our happy place. There are times when we are more close to our friends than our parents or anyone, We trust them blindly. Also there are situations when we can’t share what we feel or what’s happening to us to anyone except these idiots and that’s when they help us, teach us, solve the problem and drag us back to the right path. Not every friend turns out to be good but here we’re talking about the good assholes.


Yes, no classroom could ever teach what experience teaches. When we experience things situations, places etc we let in everything about it we accept it what it is whether we want to or not but we do and that’s when we gain true wisdom.. Unlike classroom where we’re fed by what someone else has experienced.

And last but not the least

Your ex and your fake friends

Yup, your ex and your fake friends were the best teacher who taught you how to survive when they ditched you, when they broke your heart into million pieces. They taught us how to be strong when you couldn’t even strong enough to hold together the pieces of your  heart’s debris, when you couldn’t find yourself able to trust anybody. the lessons they taught were of utmost importance and we thank them for leaving us that makes us independent and fearless.