Thursday, January 18, 2018

Do you smoke? Do you have social stress? Both may have a link!

Anxiety can be caused by intake of Nicotine. Researchers in an experiment found that exposure to nicotine caused a stressing effect on lab mice....

At Least You Should Eat One Chocolate in a Day: HEALTH

According to a new study of people in Denmark, eating chocolate every day may decrease the risk of a common and critical type of...
fresh fruits

By This, You Can Decrease the Risk of Diabetes by Eating Fresh Fruits

In London a study has showed that; risk of diabetes can be reduced by 12% through a bowl of fresh fruits every day. This...

Cut the diabetes! live healthy

Taking India in context, it is really in a high risk zone of DIABETES... without any exaggeration every thirdĀ person is diabetic inĀ India. No, the absolutely...

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