Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta Physically Assaulted Shilpa Shinde, Watch Video

The Bigg Boss 11, TRP increases day by day. Due to the fight between contestants are going viral on social networks. The 2 contestants are thrown out from the show. One is Priyank Sharma and another one is Zubair Khan who was eliminated by public voting.

And from latest reports that Vikas Gupta has left the Bigg Boss House. The said in their article that “the source said that one of the doors of Bigg Boss leading to exit was left open mistakenly by the makers of the show. When Vikas came across the opened door he immediately ran away.”

Shilpa and Vikas
Shilpa and Vikas

Why Vikas escaped from the house?

Vikas Gupta escaped from the house because of the controversy and fight between Vikas and Hina Khan. It was an ugly fight with Hina Khan. After the fight, Vikas went on to cross the wall of the house. Vikas ran away from the house when the door of the house was opened mistakenly.

Vikas and Hina
Vikas and Hina

Also, Vikas Gupta abused and touched Shilpa Shinde in wrong way. The fight between Vikas and Shilpa is running on from last year because of the show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’. And the fight is continued in the Bigg Boss house.

It has been seen that there is no end of the fight between Vikas and Shilpa. Shilpa never loses any chance to teasing Vikas. Also, Shilpa said about Vikas, “Ban Gya Kutta, Sabhi Ko Bahar Nikala Isne.”

Vikas warned the Shilpa and said don’t touch me. And Shilpa touched him by the ‘Belan’. After sometime Vikas was too much angered on Shilpa and Vikas bursting the eggs in the house.

Vikas Gupta and Shilpa
Vikas Gupta and Shilpa

Some moments later, Vikas and Shilpa again crossed in the bathroom. Shilpa was continuously teasing Vikas. Because of this Vikas Gupta almost physically assaulted Shilpa Shinde and he touched Shilpa and twisted her fingers. Already, Shilpa warned Vikas and said: “don’t touch me”.

From the starting of the day of Bigg Boss house, lots fights and controversies are seen. And Bigg Boss fans are enjoying them.

Source: BookmyTV
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