Australia vs India: Australia Could Still Draw Ranchi Test If They Learn From Pujara and Saha

India vs Australia 5th day

Six hundred and Seventy Seven runs and 22 wickets in 360 overs and that too within 4 days, out of which 8 wickets from the 20 are in the name of those quick bowlers who were at peak levels of skill; control of the game shifting from one team to another at least once every day. The first 4 days of the cricket shows what test cricket is supposed to be.

And the final day (5th day) or we call it jury day beings with one result — the draw — possible; another — an Indian win probable. Australia fate is totally is in its own hand.

Cheteshwar Pujara in particular showed why they are a risk only if you push, heavy handed, away from your body where you don’t have to — he never did, and he was untroubled; Wriddhiman Saha occasionally did, and had narrow escapes.

India and Australia

Batsmen playing the first line will be found out. You can expect Ravindra Jadeja to wheel away into that rough, and each over of his will cause problems. You can’t leave his balls as he is looking to hit the stumps and that too in the middle which will cause LBW.

As seen on fourth day, David Warner batted with a smash and trying to hit all the balls and caught out. Pujara and Saha showed you how to bat on this wicket — by being aware of the trouble spots but not being intimidated by them. Both used to read lines and lengths of the balls quickly out of the hand.

While Pujara and Saha made it look easy even when it wasn’t. Besides, there was Jadeja, a left-handed all rounder, who scored a run a ball 50 and coped just fine with that exact same rough. There was a time when India was deficit at 123 and both Pujara and Saha ended 76 ahead of the score.

If the Australia focuses on playing one ball they have to face at the time, they can still draw this match but If they bat as if they are playing now, they will go down — and the bowlers, the close the match.