Adobe can now turn your bad selfies into perfect ones

Ever had any bad selfie. Tried and got tired of many filters but still not able to get those perfect clicks done right.

Well here comes the solution to this problem.

Adobe, it is experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine and trying to improve much of our spoiled selfies that spoil our mood. Sensei, the company’s AI-focused research arm has released a trailer that makes Photoshop looks like a child’s play.

The trailer shows a user taking a really bad selfie, and then using the software’s tools on his smartphone to repair it. This software includes changing the angle of the shot, inserting artificial depth of field, and even borrowing background aesthetics from other similar selfies, well that’s certainly what not.

feature that let’s copy another photograph’s style and use it in his own selfie was described by Adobe in a research paper released in partnership with Cornell University last week.

Deep Photo Style Transfer, which is considerably more in-depth than the Instagram/Prisma filter if you may think of.

Essentially, it lets you copy the editing style of another photo, including colour curves, sharpness, etc, and transfer that to your selfie, as opposed to picking a predefined filter.

Well finally the images seems to be much improved. All flaws can not be improved. but till then take some awesome selfies.