9 Tips to Score More than 90% Marks in 12th Board Exam

9 tips to score more than 90 in 12th board exam

In every students life there comes a time which is the most important year that decide his/her success in future undoubtedly that is when he or she appears for class 12th exams.

Every student always get worried when we talks about his/her percentage in class 12th. After doing little bit of research we got many things, Today I am going to share some tips and tricks to get some good scores in 12th exam. I am very much sure it will help you.

Every person can score 90+? 

Yes, but what you have to do is hard work with some smartness.

9 Tips to Score More than 90% Marks in 12th Board Exam

9 tips to score more than 90 in 12th board exam

1. Motivate Yourself

Push yourself because, no one else is going to do it for you. If you cannot sit hours for studies try to increase time for only 5-10 minute every day, and then increase this time duration day by day. Many students do not study from the start of session and starts in last few months before the board exam comes. This is good for those students who have sharp learning and memorizing power. If your memory is not sharp, you can do meditation every day which will literally help you, I also prefer meditation for memorizing the things, but you have to start meditation from starting of the session.

2. Make a proper time table

time table

By developing a proper time table, one can utilize every single minute of his time of study.

Count the days you have

  • Counting of days will help you to find how many days you have for enjoyment and for studies.
  • Working days and holidays should be counted separately.
  • Try to study for 3-4 hours daily.
  • Holidays should not be considered as holidays, these days will be more hardworking days.
  • Try to make such a distribution through which you can get 2 to 3 months for revision.

How to get extra time?

You should know to take out the time from various places like if you sleep 8 hours then save 2 hours from there. Get up early in the morning and learn something. In school take out time from sports or from extra curriculum activities.

3. Distribute the syllabus

Separate the syllabus as per your convenience, but remember this distribution should come in the appropriate days.

4. Give proper time to all the subjects

As we all know in such a senior class the course is completely asked in the final exam. As there is the large course so you have to pay attention towards the completed chapters also. The best way is keep the notes ready all the time so that you can study the previous chapters on the holidays.

5. Mark the things

Mark Important in books

As you sit in class many teachers tells us that “this may come in exams” or “this is the important topic” so mark those things. It will surely help you later when you will look for important points.

6. No need to keep extra burden

As you know many class prefers you to keep the reference. But I tell you not to take all that heavy stuff with you. Study with the syllabus books, but if you want to give competitive exams then you can prefer the reference. References can be used to practice the numerical to have better knowledge.

7. Previous year papers may become good friends

Solve the previous year papers, It may help you to identify the pattern of the paper, various types of the question that may come. Try to find the similar questions that repeats every year in paper.

8. Don’t underestimate power of English

English will help you to score well. This subject can prove best to increase your overall percentage, so with other subject you must focus on English subject too. Don’t underestimate English

9. Presentation (Most Important)

Best Presentation in Exam

Presentation is one of the most important things to remember. As your copy will represent you in front of the checker so you have to make it look clean as well as attractive in the same time.

What to do Just Before the Examination?

This is the most crucial time, at this time you should sleep with free mind for minimum of 8 hours to complete your sleep, it will also help you get some relief from stress.

Just before a day of exam

  • Don’t stick to the television.
  • Don’t stick to your smart phone.
  • Revise the marked things.
  • Most important don’t forget the weapons, I mean stationary material.
  • Keep ready your stationary material, sharp your pencil, keep extra refill.

What to do on the Day of Examination?

Keep yourself calm and confident. Keep your books at home and feel free while going to school. Do not talk to someone related to studies keep your minds relax. I am saying so because many times it happens that when we talk with any other persons may ask “did you studied that thing” and it may happen you haven’t studied that topic and you start thinking about it and you will get tensed. Better way is to be quite and sit at a corner.

What Should I do in Examination Hall?

  • Read the instruction carefully.
  • In the allotted time for reading read all question carefully.
  • Don’t waste the time in thinking full answer just see the question and mark what you know and can give your best.
  • First do the question which you know, but in the sequence (sequence may be from last to first question)
  • Do the work neatly.

This was all about how to prepare for examination when you have less time. I wrote this article with my experience.

Let me know if you have something more to add in this. I would really appreciate it.