9 Tips That Will Reduce Your Stage Fear

Tips to Avoid Stage Fear

Most of us have Stage fear which sometimes becomes Hurdle for us. It is not so difficult to get rid of it. Here are some tips which will be helpful to you and will reduce the Stage fear and lead to a successful performance.

1. Mirror TalkingMirror Talking

Practice to speak alone standing in front of the mirror. Keep eye contact in the mirror with yourself and start speaking as if you are speaking on the stage. It will show you your mistakes and will improve your confidence level.

2.Practice makes a Man perfect

practice makes perfect

Rehearsing again and again will improve the performance and will boost up the confidence level.

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3.Yoga and Meditation

Doing Yoga and meditation on the day of our performance will reduce your stress and fear.  Exercise reduces tension and make you more confident.

4.Laughter is the best medicine


Laughing is the best exercise that for sure makes you feel relax and brings positive vibes into the mind.

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5. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Avoid Caeffine and Alcohol

Those who are Caffeine or alcohol addict, please keep in mind not to consume caffeine or alcohol before performance. These addicts make you feel more nervous and make your energy down.

6. Arrive Early at the place

Make yourself feel better and comfortable at the stage surroundings by arriving there early.

Arrive Early

7. Know your Audience

Try to know prior the needs and expectations of your audience. Try to speak with their perception  and then they will automatically show their interest will boost up your ability to speak.

8. Keep a glass of water when speaking

Glass of Water

Drinking Water reduces the anxiety level and makes you calm and soothe.

9.Positive Thoughts

Think about your strengths and focus on them. Be surrounded with the optimistic people who spread positive and who share their experience with you.

Think Positive

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These were few tips which will help you and will improve your Stage performance with an applause.