9 Signs that Proves You’re Over Your Ex

9 Signs That You are Over Your Ex

Are your over your ex? Haha.. What makes you think so? Getting over your ex is one of the great dilemmas of manhood. The end of a relationship is always somewhat painful and comes with some negativity or confrontation. It is hard to move on because they were an integral part of your life.

9 Signs that Proves You’re Over Your Ex

9 Signs That You are Over Your Ex

If you do think that your done with him/her here are 9 things by which you can realize that your actually over him or not.

1. Music is Love Now

Girl Listening Music

While you listen to music and he doesn’t cross your mind anymore. Now you don’t relate all the songs with that person. You can now hear sad and romantic songs without crying.

2. Realization of your own happiness

Your Are Happy Now

When you also don’t realize that you don’t think about him anymore and still you’re happy. It means that he doesn’t matter to you now. You have accepted life as your own self and are now happy and satisfied.

3. Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

When you are happy in your life and do not think about him while you are going to sleep or even if you wake up between nights.

4. Existence doesn’t matters

Ex Existence Doesn't matter

Even if you see him after a long time and you are not affected by it. You look at him as if he doesn’t exist for you anymore.

5. Phone numbers

Fogot Ex number

You used to keep calling him and thus you learn all his numbers. But when you have controlled yourself and stopped calling him and a day comes when you don’t even remember his phone number.

6. Hanging out with people of your own kind

Hangout with friends

When you spend good time with your friends which could even of the opposite gender and don’t give a damn what he will think.

7. Career focused

Career Focused

When you were in a relationship the main focus was your partner. As you move on and realize that it is actually not him that is your life but you also have your own dreams which you want to achieve for your own self-self-satisfaction.

8. Dress up

Girl in Red hot dress

You now dress up the way you like to look like, the clothes in which you are comfortable in, not the ones in which he loves you to be in.

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9. Dating and checking out hotties

Dating and Checking hot guys

You have started to notice all of the other interesting people around you, and you have a crush on a new guy. If you’ve started to consider the possibility of dating other people, you’ve turned a corner.

Finally you know what points to look on to find whether you’re over your Ex or not?

So what you find? Are you over your Ex now? Let us know in comments below.