9 Bollywood Actors Wives Who Forgave their Husbands For Cheating On Them

Indian Bollywood industry has many dark secrets that remain hidden under all the glamour. There few Bollywood actors who cheated on their wives and extra-marital affairs. Meanwhile, some actors wive broke up with their husbands and some wives decided to forgive them.

Here is the list of the Bollywood actors’ wives who decided to forgive them and move on in life.

1. Kajol

During the shooting of Rascals, Ajaj Devgan fell in love with Kangana Ranaut. There is no proof that Ajay cheated Kajol or not. But Ajay and Kajol have always had a strong bond.Cheating

2. Twinkle Khanna

As per reports that the famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar was dating many of his co-stars even after his marriage. But the actress has full trust in her husband.Cheating

3. Saira Banu

Dilip Kumar fell in love with the other women after his marriage to Saira Banu. From the reports, Dilip Kumar divorced the actress Saira Banu for the actress Asma but when Dilip Kumar found her cheating on him. He divorced Asma and get back to Saira Banu again who accepted him.Cheating

4. Jaya Bachchan

Bollywood’s one of the most talked extra-marital affairs was that of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha. But, Amitabh and Jaya are still going strong in their relationship.


5. Sunita Ahuja

During the shooting of Hadd Kar Di Apne, Govinda fell in love with the Rani Mukherji. Also, some said that Govinda started living with Rani but his wife Sunita never asked for the divorce. Later, Govinda broke up with Rani and came back to his wife Sunita.Cheating

6. Yogeeta Bali

Mithun Chakraborty had an affair with the actress Sridevi. Reports also claiming that Mithun even married to Sridevi without divorcing Yogeeta. But the things between Mithun and Sridevi didn’t work out and the actor decided to go back to his wife.Cheating

7. Krishna Kapoor

Raj Kapoor had an affair with the actress Nargis. Also, and there were few rumours that Dimple Kapadia was Nargis and Raj Kapoor’s illegitimate child. But his wife Krishna never left him.Cheating

8. Prakash Kaur

Dharmendra had an affair with the Hema Malini when he was married to Prakash Kaur. Dharmendra and Hema got married even while Dharmendra’s first wife was still living with him. Also, Dharmendra never wanted to divorce Prakash Kaur.Cheating

9. Poonam Sinha

The rumours said that Shatrughan Sinha had affair with Reena Roy. But the bond between Shatrughan and Poona was very strong, which didn’t affect the relationship between the Shatrughan and Poonam. Also, Poonam has trust in her husband and they are living a happy life together till today.Cheating

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