7 Tips To Keep In Mind To Improve Your Body Language

7 Ways to Improve Body Language

It is said that Body Language shapes who you are! This is what is always been noticed instead of your words. So friends Always keep in mind , to make convey your impression to others, improve your Body language .Here are some ways which will help you to become better person with a better personality.

“You can tell a lot by someone’s Body language”-By Harvey Wolter

7 Tips To Keep In Mind To Improve Your Body Language

Are you sure you want to improve your body language, who will not? As it is must required thing to have in any person to survive and grow in corporate world as well as in real life. Here are those 7 tips that you should keep in mind.

1. Carry yourself properly

Always carry the best outfit that suites you and your Personality. The outfit you wear (which includes Dress,footwear,proper hair and nails) decides your personality which ultimately shows your body language.

2. Keep Smiling

A smile on a face makes others also smile and creates a pacific environment around us. Did anyone know that why Monalisa became one of the famous Paintings.This is all because of her unique smile.

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3. Always Be Energetic

Being active and enthusiastic will show your positive attitude towards work. Don’t be lethargic, it shows you are least interested in the stuff.

4. Gestures and Postures

Gestures include your movement of Head, facial expressions and specially talking with movement of hands to express your ideas. Meanwhile, Postures are your way of standing or sitting somewhere which reflects your attitude. Gestures and Postures say a lot about what are you thinking,what are you feeling ! It shows about your features whether you are confident enough or simply in a relaxed mood.

5. Be yourself

It is rightly said,”Be Yourself because an original is worth more than a copy”. Never try to copy others or peep into others Vague. Be the real you and then look the change!

6. Think Before you Speak

Once words have been spoken,cannot be taken back. Therefore, always think twice and then speak. Your wrongly spoken words may create a disaster.

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7. Eye Contact

Eye Contact is most important while talking. Always keep eye contact with the person you are talking , don’t ever look down or somewhere else again and again while talking. It may give a bad impression or may look like person is uncertain about his words.

These are some ways that one should take care of while improving one’s Body language. Hope this may help you.