6 Fanciest Food Delicacies That You Can Indulge In For Less Than INR 500!

Hello, Food Lovers,

When it’s about India, we see a huge diversity in food. People love experimenting with food and make finger-licking dishes. So if you’re a foodie and want to try some unusual delicacies, here’s a little list of scrumptious food you can enjoy without burning a hole in your pockets.

Manhattan Black Forest Freak Shake

Shakes and ice-cream crazy? Presenting the monstrous freak shakes that will make you and your Insta followers drool!! The humongous jars of shakes which is thick, creamy and crunchy topped with oreo at just INR 250!

Where: Dinshaw’s Express Cafe, Pune

Freaky Shake

Manchurian and Chaat Modak

Delight your taste buds at these unique modaks at this quintessential cafe. All these are priced at a phenomenally affordable price, so it won’t pinch your pocket as well.

Where: Dillie Heart, Malad West, Mumbai

Manchurian Modak

Rainbow Coffee

Can’t wait to share that piece of juicy gossip with your bestie? Drop by this place and grab a moment together over rainbow coffee… And get it all out. This place has taken the multicolored craze into the beverage realm and is racking up some serious Instagram likes with his drinkable works of art.

Where: Cafe Mudlark, Delhi

Rainbow Coffee

Thai Puchkas

Kick start your meal with Thai Puchka Bites – all the crunchy bite-sized greatness of a puchka with the added goodness of Thai flavours {we’re talking peanut, betel leaf, chilli and tamarind level of authentic}.

Where: Mamagoto, Kolkata

Thai Puchkas

Wild Mushroom Purple Dumplings

The dim sums surely do leave your taste buds tingling. Wild Mushroom Purple Dumplings is a signature must-try dish.

Where: Sriracha, Banglore

Purple Dumplings

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake cones

It’s got plenty of little gulab jamuns set on a bed of creamy goodness which goes so well with the crunchy cone. We love that you can choose your cone {like you choose crusts} from Wheat, Multigrain and Wholewheat.

Where: Konetto Pizza, Gurgaon

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake Cones

Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments section below.