5 Things You Should Follow Everyday


Happiness is the feeling of Joy, fortune, love and satisfy with life. The research suggests that happiness is combination of your satisfied needs and your work.If you happy then your all work will be in your favor. For being happy all time you have to stable your mood, do exercise, maintain your daily schedule and do things what you like. Happiness is if you had won the prize lottery or got selected at big platform, how does it feels.If you follow this 10 Daily Routine Things that are make you make all day.

1. Always Start Your Morning with good thoughts:

When you wake up at morning always read a good thoughts which makes you to feel good at mornings. Good thoughts gives you positive attitude, it motivates you and strength.

2. Do Exercise For 30-40 minutes:

Give your time to physical exercise that provides health benefits and it reduced the disease risk. By Physical exercise you will feel active and energetic whole day. The benefits of physical exercises are controls your weight, strengthen bones and muscles,  it improve you mental stability and mood and most important thing is that increase chances of living longer.

3. You Should Laugh Everyday:

Try to spend time on laughing each day, when you laugh you release hormone which is called oxytocin. It helps you to share experiences with others. Laughing increases immune cells and improving your resistance to disease and it decreases stress hormones. Laughing is the best medicine for health.

4. Spend Your Money on Others:

Is your money buys happiness for others? Yes, If you are spending money on others ( social way) then you always make happiness for those you are helping and for own also. For Example: you are going to market, you saw a beggar child who wants something to eat then you give some food to child. The smile will came on child face, will make your day.

5. Always Surround Yourself with Good People:

In our daily life we meet various types of people, always try to be with good people. Good people knows that which is good for you or not. Good people encourages you. Good people are may be your family members, friends and coworkers. They will inspires you and motivates you to achieve goals.

What do you believe do you get happiness by following steps. Let us know in comment below.