12 Ways To Express Your Feelings To Your LOVE!!

Love is a strong feeling of affection without any expectations. Love is not looked with the Eyes but the Mind and Heart.  Love is like Oxygen without LOVE, no two soulmates complete. Love is when you show your feelings to a person, which attracts you more and more in real and dreams  also. Love is to give power to someone to break your heart.

The one Who  more Judges, the less one loves.

Why You LOVE Someone?

Someone have a reason for Loving someone, by their looks, humor, smile, cuteness and other things. When you love someone you love them every time. You Love them because you can’t live without him/her.


1. Always say ” I Love You”

2. Always be “Honest” and “Expect Less”

3. Tell Your all secrets

4. Always ask for advice from Your partner.

5. Touch Your partner affectionately.

6. Give hugs.

7. Cuddle Your Partner by this you show how are interested in him/her.

8. Write a Letter.

9. Tell him/her you make me happy.

10. Make plans.

11. Always take selfie or picture with her.

12. Show your all feelings.