Android O Is Here | 12 Amazing Features of Android Oreo

Android Oreo

It’s O-fficial!

There have been long guessing and debate about what “O” will stand for in the newest version of Android. Google names each version of Android, alphabetically as a candy or sweet. The latest version Android 8.0 is Android Oreo which was revealed on Monday.

There are many new features in the latest version. Let’s take a look what are the best Android Oreo features to get excited about.

  1. Auto-enable Wi-fi: Android Oreo has an option to auto-connect the known sources of wi-fi. If you disconnect your wi-fi when you are away from home, you don’t need to worry about reconnecting it again.

    Auto-enable Wi-fi
  2. Picture-in-picture mode: Using Android Oreo, you can do a video call as well as watch a video in Chrome using picture-in-picture mode. It is very simple, just tap the home button during the video call and Oreo takes care of the rest.
  3. New Emojis: Google has redesigned its emojis so that they are easier to understand and decipher. The emojis look more cartoonish in Android O.

    New Emojis
  4. New battery settings: Android Oreo has now better stats of usage of the battery. It includes how much battery was due to active use or in the background.
  5. Change the shape of icons: Oreo enables the users to change the shape of the icon without installing the launcher. Currently, there are four options, circle, square, rounded square and teardrop.
  6. Autofill passwords in apps: Using Oreo, you can autofill passwords not only in chrome but in different apps also.

    Autofill passwords in apps
  7. App shortcuts and widgets: With Android Oreo, you can access an app’s widgets from the shortcut menu as well as its info screen. The look of the shortcuts has been changed.
  8. Smart text select: Oreo is able to identify the text, phone number or email address. Just select the text and you can copy it for faster interaction.
  9. Notification Dots: With Oreo, you can see the notification dots on the app icon for any pending alert. You can also disable them.

    Notification Dots
  10. New Setting Menu: Google has recategorized its setting menu. It no longer has a slide-out menu.  This is a feature that will take time to get used to.
  11. Scanning Apps for safety: Oreo has Google Play Protect which scans the apps periodically. Google is paying a special attention to the safety of applications.
  12. Nightlight slider: Using Android’s Night Light mode, you can change the intensity of blue light filter.

Android Oreo is available in developer beta. It will be available on the devices by the end of the year.