11 Tips For Impressing Any Indian Girl

11 Ways Of Impressing Indian Girls

Indian girls are quite unique when it comes to impressing them, you need to put extra efforts in order to impress them. Dating an Indian girl get more difficult when the girl of your affection belongs to different culture and background. The biggest challenge boys has to face while impressing an Indian girl is becoming her center of her attention without degrading yourself.

Few Facts about Indian Girls

  • 70% girls are inborn Orthodox and Conventional.
  • They are good in keeping Dual Personality all together.
  • Give more preference to comfort rather than hardcore love concepts

You have to keep patience, while dealing with an Indian girl but with some patience it is possible. Read further and get to know about the ultimate 11 tips that will help you impress any beautiful Indian girl.

11 Tips for Impressing Any Indian Girl

1. Be Confident

Confident Men

It is the natural tendency of girls, to get attracted to men who are confident. Being confident doesn’t mean that showing achievement/possession. It means you should comfortable with yourself and your work.

By being confident you convey the girl that she can depend on you. Whether you believe it or not but girls do look for this one most important quality.

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2. Be a Gentlemen


It is one of the oldest way and the best way. By being a gentlemen you can leave a good impression on a girl. This is one of the basic way of impressing any girl. Indian girls are very impressed with those men who respect them at first. For Example: Pulling chair, Opening door for her and paying bills 😛 It can make a special place for you in her heart for sure.

3. Develop a Talent

Guy with Guitar and Girl

Many times you might have seen in Bollywood movies, girls having crush on men who play musical instrument or good sports person. In fact it is true in real life also, a talent can help you stand out among everyone. But you need to ensure that you are really good with your talent.

4. Impress her Friends

Impress her friends

This is not necessary but can be quite helpful in having a indirect effect on her mind. y impressing her friends you can trigger a chain reaction which will eventually cause your dream girl to be impressed with you. Girls have the tendency to create opinion by talking and discussing with their friends. If you are able to impress any of her girl’s friends, then you are half way ahead in impressing her.

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5. Listen to Her

girl talking to boy

Do you know girls love talking? So you need to become a good listener now. If you want to impress any girl, you need to listen to her things even many small things. Whether it be the all office time, colony gossip, or some family issues. You always need to pay attention to what she says. If possible try to give some proper advice for her problems. This way she will feel better and comfortable talking to you. Remember, talking and listening to each other makes better understanding.

6. Compliment Her

guy complimenting girl

Who doesn’t like to get compliment? All Indian girls loves genuine compliment towards them. Remember you have to genuine, notice little quality she posses and appreciate them. So they know you notice even those small things. Even the age old compliments about beauty and looks also work on most girls but you have to make sure that they are genuine.

7. Make a Good Impression on her Family

Impress her family members

It is quite important majorly in India, impressing the family member of the girl and girl will automatically start liking you. It can be done by showing off some of your good values and abilities to impress the family member of the girl. Try to impress at least on family member, whether it is her mother, father, sister or small brother.

Don’t try to impress her big brother, he will get to know your intentions immediately.

8. Take Interest in her

Take Interest in her

You can impress her by identifying better to her liking, try to find some of her likes and dislikes. By taking a genuine interest in her, you are conveying that you care for her and respect her views, opinions and interests.

9. Work on Your Appearance

Good Looking guy

Looking good is must to impress any kind of Indian girl. If you are not sure whether you have good fashion sense or not, better to consult any of your friend who possess a good dressing sense. Not only just clothes makes you look good but it is also required to groom yourself so that you are considered as a cultured men.

10. Have a Sense of Humor

Good Sense of humour

No matter to which girl you ask, every girl will tell you the same thing: She want a man who can make her laugh. Laughing is fun and to make any relationship work laughing is must. In all seriousness, making a woman laugh is really the best way to get into her heart. You don’t need to have her laugh every time but sometime it is necessary.

NB: To have a better sense of humor one have to remain positive, staying positive will make you more relaxed, humorous, and attractive to girls.

11. Don’t Come of as Desperate

Desperate Guy

This is one of the worst thing, while trying to impress any girl coming as desperate guy or People-Pleaser. Always remember that you have to be clever as well as delicate while approaching any girl. It is very important to show your good attributes but by being desperate you can make it hard for girl to see those attributes.

It is not hard to impress Indian girl, it will take some time but trust me it is worth. Just be consistent, yet delicate with your efforts while impressing any girl. But before that make sure you are investing your efforts for the right girl.